Strong, Healthy, Vital - exercise with intention, understanding, full awareness and enjoyment.

Who I Am

I am the descendant of farmers and artistscreative, hard working people, who consumed a variety of colorful plant and whole grain foods, breathed fresh air, exercised, and held solid beliefs in the goodness of people. Mindfulness is key to my and others' success.

I studied nutrition, psychology, and education, worked in hospitals, community health centers, taught health, fitness, wellness in K-12 and college and fitness centers, and managed regional health prevention/promotion programs, regionally. 

I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and AADE Diabetes Educator (CDE), facilitating healthy living, through lasting behavior change, in areas of nutrition/healthy menus, cooking & shopping, safe & effective exercise, weight management, stress reduction, sleep, and mindfulness, (for prevention, management, or reduction of the effects of chronic illness). 




Chose a Variety of Colorful Fruits

Variety of Vegetables and Seasonings

Delicious Lean Protein & Fresh Veggies

Reduce Meal Size, Eat 2X as Often

Great Tasting Carrots and Vitamin A

Yours in Health,

Lisa M Leake, CDES, NBC-HWC, M.ED, MBA