Scope of Practice

As a "National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)" I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat.

* I partner with and coach clients to educe your resources and strengths, develop SMART goals aligned with your culture and values, to improve healthy lifestyles, well being and happiness. 

* I present current scientific information to help guide your program, empowering you to achieve self-determined goals,

* I encourage you to explore and expand  your own motivation/values for sustained success. This process can take between one and several months - because it is a lifestyle change.

* I provide client-centered guidance for groups/individuals in areas of: Food, Nutrition, Diet, Exercise, Relaxation; Healthy Aging, Heart Disease, Diabetes & Obesity, Healthy Weight Loss & Maintenance; Stress Management, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing; Healthy and Effective Exercise; Employee Wellness, Reduction of Health Issues Affecting Work Productivity

As an AADE Certified Diabetes Educator (CDES), I can practice in clinical settings, like hospitals, community health centers, physician or medical offices, or non-medical venues like COA's, Community and Senior Centers, Schools, corporate, small businesses, nonprofit centers, health clubs, wellness centers,  fitness studios, or in client/patient homes and private offices. 

“People don’t just need an exercise program or a diet plan. They need an expert who can guide and empower them. They need someone who can connect with them in a way that makes them believe they have the ability to make meaningful and lasting changes.” Cedric Bryant, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Chief Science Officer, San Diego, CA